Pastor Shepard's most recent Sermon

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"In Rama (Newton) a voice was heard."

It is with a humble and broken heart that I begin this blog. For there are no words to express the tragedy and sorrow which occurred in Newton, Ct. I do not pretend to understand or know the heartache and sorrow which has fallen upon this small community. And yet, I know someone who is truly "acquainted with their grief and is touched by their sorrows, namely, Jesus Christ. For He alone carries the title "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief."

And yet, I am generally disappointed and heart broken by the reactions and attitudes of many of those who profess themselves to be followers of this "man of sorrow." For though I wish to believe that their motives are sincere, yet, there lacks that compassion and pity which comes with "loving in the truth," and that sympathetic conduct which so characterized Christ as He walked amongst men, and which He now so lovingly exercises in heaven on our behalf. Many of their comments have an element of truth, yet in a manner which is "of the letter which killeth,: and not "in that spirit which giveth life" (2 Cor 3).

Many simply echoe a sorrow which belongs to this world whenever a tragedy strikes our country. A sorrow which the world believes to be genuine, yet which proves only to be vain and superficial. For this world's sorrow will vanish as soon as the headlines and they will continue to live their lives as they did before. Never stopping to seriously consider the work of God and His divine purposes hidden beyond the tears of such sorrows and grief. Their sorrow resembles that of Cain, Pharaoh and Judas which springs from mere selfishness and personal gain. A sorrow which is temporal and unfruitful, producing nothing godly or virtuous in their heart and life. Let us not copy or identify ourselves with such vain and superficial grief. Their words of compassion and sympathy may appear to be genuine and sincere, yet, let us remember it is but "a worldly sorrow that worketh death." For their sorrow never has the honor and glory of God as it's ultimate goal and end, but only their own selfish desires and pleasures. Let us then follow the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who was truly "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief."Whose sorrow and grief was set upon the honor and glory of God, who "seeing the travail of his soul, was satisfied" (Isa 53).

Do deny the Sovereignty of God in all things would be to deny God Himself. So, to deny God's Sovereignty even in this tragedy would be to deny God Himself. And yet, every attribute of God is so intimately intwined and united to one another, that one cannot declare His Sovereignty without acknowledging His infinite love and mercy as it's guide! Even in wrath, God "remembers mercy!" (Hab 3). Every divine act towards man in this present world, be it in His wrath or mercy, there is always an element of His infinite love and grace awaiting to reveal itself within! For though God is a God of judgment, it remains "a strange work," while He delights in acts of mercy, grace and goodness (Isa 28).

To be continued......