Pastor Shepard's most recent Sermon

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Men ought always to pray, and not faint." (Luke 18)

I was humbly reminded this past week of the great importance of this divine truth. To believe I can meet the many trials and afflictions of the day, the continual fleshly lusts and desires that so quickly rise daily within my own heart, and meet the countless temptations of this evil world and Satan, with only a few minutes of casual prayer a day, is the greatest deceivable thing my heart could ever fathom. I must "Pray always," lest I faint. I must throughout the day still away to a quiet time of prayer and meditation, even if they be but short times, let them be often. For then, I shall not so quickly faint against these daily trials and afflictions, but be better equipped to "stand against all these things." For when I do not give myself to prayer, and that always, it is a sure sign that I trust too much in myself. And that never leads to hope and happiness, only certain failure and heartache.